The Call of Cthulhu Free Digital Copy Of The Graphic Novel

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Graphic Novel featuring an introduction by the late H.R. Giger and director and producer Brian Yuzna. Adaptation and artwork by Michael Zigerlig. H.P. Lovecraft`s famous tale of horror, 72 pages!

"When Michael sent the first pages of his adaptation to me, I was very positively surprised by all of it... the drawings, the layout and how he handled one of Lovecraft's most regarded tales."

-H.R. Giger

"What Zigerlig has done is capture in two dimensions what lurks in the outer dimensions. Rich...and beatiful art...depicting dark and foul things..."

-Kelley Jones

"A very interesting and attractive take on Lovecraft."

-Clive Barker

"In his hallucinogenic interpretation of the Lovecraft 'mythos' Michael Zigerlig has realized a fantastic visual obsession. Terrifyingly beautiful. Mesmerizingly decorative. Horror has never looked so good. This Call of Cthulhu stands out as an essential work of Lovecraftian and a visual treat for lovers of art and comics."

---Brian Yuzna